Mad Truck Challenge

Is race, trucks and danger your thing? If so, you have to try Mad Truck Challenge absolutely! The game is a trip around the world behind your truck. It’s a very big adrenaline rush for racing game lovers. Start playing it quickly on if race challenge games are your favorite.

More informations about Mad Truck Challenge


The game is a sport and race game. The challenge is to take the 1st place for each level.  The garage has all kind of upgrades from health, speed to nitro. Buy wheels, absorbers and weapons or change your car paint. Upgrade your motors’ decals and tuning. Try to complete all 19 levels for more crazy fun hours of mad racing challenge. Fix sound and music background with the setting sign on your top. You can play mad Truck Challenge and many other similar games without download.



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How to play Mad Truck Challenge



How to play Mad Truck Challenge? Use WASD or direction keys to steer your engine. Press the Space bar to jump. The open quotation mark or Z keys are for launching rockets. Use X or closed quotation mark keys for nitro. For your first time, click on ‘’Play’’, ‘’New Game’’, ‘’1’’ level and ‘’Race!’’ to start. Collect as many coins, tuning and head bonuses as possible. Jump when needed to get them. Share it for your Facebook or Twitter friends.