Solitaire 981

Playing cards and solitaire is your thing? If so, you must try Solitaire 981, an original solitairy version in the medieval theme. The game requires a little bit of cleverness but it’s quite a fun. Are you ready for some cards sorting? Start it right now on if you’re all set.

More informations about Solitaire 981


Solitaire 981 is a reflection game. Your objective is to place matching cards from Ace to King in the 4 boxes on top of the screen games. These cards must be in the same color and feature. How to do that? There’re two rows of card sets. You have to use cards at the row below as well cards at the right box on top to put them in the row above. Play Solitaire 981 and many other reflection games freely and without download on


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How to play Solitaire 981


How to Play Solitaire 981? Easy ! The gameplays are very simple and entertaining. To achieve your goals in this game, you’ll just need your mouse. To reveal hidden cards, do only a left click on them. To move cards, click and hold the left button and then drag it until the right card box. Feel free to share and like Solitaire 981 on your Facebook or on your Twitter.