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Base a village and transform him into EMPIRE! That you begin Romain, Gaul or Germain, you will become fast the leader of a powerful empire in this game of strategy and tactics. Consolidate your power and your influence thanks to the conquests. Plunder treasures and resources and trade with the others. Form powerful alliances with other players

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Playing Travian Kingdoms also means stepping into the role of the tribe you have chosen to play: the defensive Gauls, the tactical Romans or the offensive Teutons. We have dedicated a whole month to each tribe to celebrate their particular characteristics. April commemorates the Teutons who were not just known as fearless warriors. They also peacefully coexisted with the Romans and ran market places with them alongside their Earth Wall, also known as Danubian limes. Their most treasured good was amber, "Nordic gold".


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Travian Kingdoms is a game that is all about cunning diplomacy in a world of warring realms. It's a dog-eat-dog world but there is also plenty of room for cooperation:

Kingdom Unions make it possible for the rulers of two Kingdoms to unite their realms into one entity. This has some practical benefits since both rulers can now share the burden of command and eventually they can more than double the size of their new Kingdom.

But it also comes with a risk: There are now two rulers in one Kingdom who might not always get along when making important decisions. And since all Kingdom Unions last until the end of the world this can lead to some ... lively political struggle.

Start playing Travian Kingdoms today and become part of this living online world. Who knows - maybe you will found your own Kingdom one day?