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A Party Is Going On This Week in Royal Story!  

Rumors have spread that there will be a Royal Party reopening!

Get well dressed and maybe you will become the evening's star! Don't miss the chance to have royal fun on the dance floor!
Also, Merella is back with new stories! Grab some milk before turning the page to the next adventures!

Enjoy your day with Royal Story! 

Chinese New Year is Happening Now in Royal Story!  

Hang the lanterns and get ready for a real feast; it is now Chinese New Year in your kingdom!

Also this week, as Valentine's Day is approaching, take part in the daily login giveaway! Enter your kingdom every day and receive special Valentine bonuses!

Celebrations never stop in Royal Story, enter the game now!  

Get Ready to Celebrate Chinese New Year This Week in Royal Story! 

One of the most vivid celebration times has arrived!
Join the party and run around the kingdom inside a giant paper dragon!

Also this week, the Valentine stories begin! Who will be your royal partner?

Enter Royal Story now for more winter fun!  

Royal Party Comes Back Before Christmas in Royal Story! 

Above all, Royals like to celebrate things and party a lot...

No need to say that the end of the year is their favorite time! Therea are so many occasions to get together and have fun! The royal party is reopening - try your chance to win big bonuses!
Also this week, discover a new chapter of Tortare's story!

Enter Royal Story now and dress up for another party!

New Solomon Chapter in Royal Story!  

Prepare yourself because this week we are going to cook delicious dishes!
Rolling sushi and baking cookies is so much fun! Finish orders and get amazing rewards for it!
Enter Royal Story and enjoy the cooking quests! 

Get Ready to Dance This Week in Royal Story!
Do you hear the haunting drums?
Take part in this week's Belly Dance event and receive wonderful rewards!
Also this week, do not miss the new special event on Whale Island.
Warm up your hips and enter Royal Story now!