Knights and Brides on Playhub

Winter Battles And Magic Await You in Knights And Brides! 

Prepare yourself for the snow fight!

Build the Snow Fortress and fortify your position! Don't forget to upgrade the Fortress - it can be turned into a heap of gifts when the time comes!
In the meantime, join another surprising journey with McManus and get plenty of rewards!

Have lots of fun with Knights and Brides! 

Open the Doors to The Merchant Ship!

This time we are going to experience a real rescue mission!

But first of all, get ready to solve the mystery of the shipwreck! Set out to the merchant ship and help the ship's crew! Prevent a big disaster to happen before it is too late!
Now everything is in your hands! Use this opportunity to help others and become a royal hero!

Embark on the new adventure in Knights and Brides!  

Impo-calypse Is Coming to Knights and Brides!

We need your help to protect the Estate! Walking imps are now everywhere!

It seems the imp problem touched even the most faraway lands of the Kingdom! Set out to the new Impo-calypse Hideout and wait till the imps finish decaying!

Hurry to join spooktacular Knights and Brides! Crazy and creepy Halloween challenges await you!  

Gooooooal +90% Bonus!

Support your team and catch this +90% bonus in flight!

Get Ready for Summer!

There are only a few weeks to go before the summer holidays! Get ready to catch this +90% bonus!

Join in McManus’ Mysterious Experiment in Knights and Brides!

Find lost ants in Ant Hills on your estate and let them inhabit the ant farm.
Guide the seemingly intelligent ants and upgrade the ant farm into a thriving ant city!

Play Knights and Brides now and become the Lord of the Ants!