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Check Out The News in Family Barn! 

This week, we're bringing you a few new adventures...

Be sure to check out the new time-limited quest with the Golden-handed Tamarin! Complete the special mission and get a Turkish Ice Cream Machine!
The Magic Bean Stalk event is back - participate to get amazing rewards and compete against your friends. Also, there's a whole new adventure map in the Hope Land...

Don't miss out on the new quests in Family Barn!  

The July Calendar Is Open!

July has started in Family Barn, so we're bringing you a new calendar with rewards. Log in every day to receive your daily gift!

It's time to get a new tree in the garden! Check out the new mission and plant a beautiful Sea Grape Tree.
Hurry and complete all the tasks before the mission ends!

There's even more in the next update. Check out the new Hope Land and a new Habitat Quest to win amazing prizes!  

It's tea time in Family Barn!

Hey farmer, do you fancy a cup of tea?

New reward in the next update featuring an Ice Tea Machine, perfect for the summer weather!

Also check out the new Haunted House event and participate in the new Animal Parade in the next update of Family Barn!

New Items And a New Habitat Now Available! 

This week in Family Barn, we're bringing you a new time-limited quest.
Check out the brand new Sand Cat habitat and fulfill the tasks to get rewards!

Make sure to take a look in the store: there will be new items waiting there for you too!

Enjoy the new quests in the next update of Family Barn! 

Fishing Season Is Open In Family Barn! 

This week in Family Barn we're bringing back the bass fishing event!

Grab your rod and go down to the lake: the bigger the fish you catch, the higher the reward.
The June calendar will be open, so don't forget your daily bonus! On top of that, we have some awesome quests for you! Be quick, the clock is ticking!

Enjoy the new events in the next update of Family Barn!  

The Sky Adventure Event Is Back!

This week in Family Barn, the Sky Adventure event is back!
Join your friends and compete to get great prizes.

Two special quests are also coming your way! Fulfill all the tasks to win a new machine and join the wine festival!

Enjoy the great missions in this update of Family Barn!

This Week in Family Barn We Celebrate Mother's Day! 

Join us in this week's celebration of Mother's Day in Family Barn...

We have a special quest for you, where you will have to prepare the best gift for the moms on the farm!
Help Darryl and Felicia prepare something special and complete the quest to gain rewards!

The Magic Bean Stalk event is back - join the competition right now!  

Easter Celebration in Family Barn! 

Check out the new events in Family Barn this week...

We're opening up an Easter sale: check out the shop and decorate your farm for Easter with special discounts!
New special quests and team events are waiting for you as well. Don't forget to log in every day in May and get your daily bonus!

Enjoy the new adventures with the Easter Bunny in the next update of Family Barn!  

Meet the Crowned Crane in Family Barn! 

This week we've prepared a new time-limited quest featuring the East African Crowned Crane!

Are you in the mood for rice balls? Complete the special quest to build a rice ball machine and be ready to greet your friends with a sweet rice snack!
Complete all tasks to get rewards, but remember, you have only a few days to do it after starting the missions!

Enjoy the new adventures in the next update of Family Barn!  

Spring Sale in Family Barn!  

Play Family Barn this week and join us for wonderful spring festivities.
With the temperatures rising and flowers slowly blooming outside, we decided to bring you new offers on items. Check out what's in the store now!

A new special mission is awaiting you - build a breakfast parfait machine and try out the new healthy dishes!

Don't forget to visit Family Barn this week - we have plenty in store for you!  

Green Adventures in Family Barn!  

This week in Family Barn, we're joining the St. Patrick's celebration!

Let's all dress up in green and enjoy the new event in the game!
We have a time-limited quest for you this week - check out the Andean Condor quest and win amazing rewards.

Enjoy the new adventures in Family Barn this week!  

Yummy Desserts in Family Barn!  

The newest update for our lovers of sweets in Family Barn: the Egg Tart Machine!

Buy the Egg Tart Machine and create as many tarts as possible!
Also, don't forget about the dingoes that came from the desert to your farm! Hurry and solve the quest with the dingoes to get lots of useful gifts!

Log in to Family Barn now and enjoy new updates together with us!  

Get Your Apron and Come Cook in Family Barn! 

This week in Family Barn we will have a new cooking quest for you!

Are you not feeling confident in the kitchen? Don't worry! As the saying goes: bad soufflés happen to good cooks!

Come to Family Barn this week and join the new culinary adventure!  

This Week in Family Barn Will Be Very Sweet!  

In the next update, we'll introduce you to the sweetest fruit there is - and it comes from a wonderful Heartberry Tree!
Grow your own tree and collect lovely heartberries that will spark joy on your farm!

We have another event for you and it's all about working out! Join the Fitness Hour event and win prizes with your hard work!

Enjoy the new adventures in the next update of Family Barn!  

New Year's Adventures in Family Barn! 

This week in Family Barn, you will get a chance to discover a new animal habitat.
Go to the game now and meet Doctor Bird!

Since we are still enjoying the winter season on the farm, you should check out a new Ice Sculptures Machine as well! Make your farm even more beautiful this winter!

Play the game today and discover all the New Year's surprises we have prepared for you! 

Preparations For Christmas in Family Barn!  

Don't miss out this week's big pre-Christmas event!

The farm is getting into the Christmas spirit and it's time to decorate the Christmas tree! This year, it will be special, so jump in the game now and don't miss this amazing event!
Decorate your Christmas tree and make sure that your farm is ready for the upcoming holidays!

A beautiful Christmas tree is waiting for you this week only in Family Barn! 

The Magic Beanstalk Event is Back!

This week in Family Barn, join the Magic Beanstalk event and play with your friends to gain wonderful prizes! 

Quickly climb the gigantic beanstalk and find out what treasures are hidden in the clouds.

The Farm is going to be very busy this week; more missions and events await you...

Play Family Barn now and join your friends on the new missions!

Animal Adventures in Family Barn!  

This week, build a new animal habitat and check out the new mission with the clouded leopard...

Great rewards await you for completing all the tasks!
Darryl will be playing hockey - help him become the hockey hero!

Enjoy the new quests this week in Family Barn!  

Meet a Friendly Toucan!  

This week in Family Barn we present you a new time-limited quest with a friendly Keel-Billed Toucan!

There's no time to waste - you have a week to complete the mission from this colorful bird!
We've also heard about plans for a family dinner. Join in on this event and invite your friends!

Enjoy the new missions in the new update of Family Barn!  

More Fun in Family Barn! 

Get started with three new missions this week in Family Barn!

Join your friends on the quest to gather as many pumpkins as possible - time to prepare for upcoming Halloween.

Tasha and Darryl will serve some food for the Lunch Program - help them out to get rewards.

A new Animal Habitat is waiting for you - check out the new mission with cute Sugar Gliders.

Enjoy the newest update of Family Barn!

Oktoberfest +90% Bonus 

Happy Oktoberfest! Fill your Oktoberfest barrels with a +90% bonus and have lots of fun!  

Two New Missions this Week in Family Barn!

Prepare yourself for a big bag of fun with two new missions in the current update.

Join Jerry and Ellie on their Special New Mission where you will do nothing but relax! Check out the Day of Zen tasks!

A new Animal Habitat mission is available too - now you can meet a cute harvest mouse! Visit the new Animal Habitat and join the fun in Family Barn today!

Gooooooal +90% Bonus!

Support your team and catch this +90% bonus in flight!

Get Ready for Summer!

There are only a few weeks to go before the summer holidays! Get ready to catch this +90% bonus!

Mother–Daughter Getaway

We just celebrated a wonderful holiday: Mother's Day!
To show how much we care about our lovely moms, we're bringing you a special event - a Mother–Daughter getaway!

Also, there is a time-limited quest waiting for you! Take a day off and go to work with William! You can learn about his job and, as always, there will be plenty of rewards!