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Enter Fillory Castle in The Next Update of Dreamfields! 

In the next update of Dreamfields, we're taking you to a new dream: Fillory!

Explore the dream and search for the next adventure!
New decorations will be available. Bring in a marvelous tree of time and invite a fox-sorceress to add mystical magic to your land!

Enjoy this magical story in the next update!  

The Dragons Still Need Your Help This Week in Dreamfields! 

Aren't the dragons absolute gentlemen? They've been very sad since the Mistress of Dragons disappeared, however...

It seems like she has been kidnapped. Can you help the dragons free the Mistress?
You will need to find your way through the mysterious tower to rescue her.

Enter Dreamfields now and free the Mistress of Dragons!  

Join The Water-Lantern Festival In Dreamfields!  

The preparations for the festival have already begun!
Join the bears and help them organize this wondrous event.
Together, set the lantern into the water and make a wish before it floats away into the night.

A new building awaits you: set up the amazing House of Glittering Lights and spruce up your dream with new decorations!

Join the festive fun this week in Dreamfields!  

Prepare For An Orange Dream This Week In Dreamfields!  

A new dream has opened: the Orangery awaits you to make all the necessary preparations as spring arrives.

The local caretakers will help you pick flowers and make bouquets. What a beautiful way to welcome the new season!

Enter Dreamfields now and witness a new dream in bloom!  

Find the Legendary Fire Lantern in Dreamfields! 

This week in Dreamfields you can enter the dangerous dungeon and make your way through the maze of traps to find the Fire Priestess.
Retrieve the legendary Fire Lantern and get amazing rewards!  

The World of Elements Opens This Week in Dreamfields 

Enter a new dream and meet its inhabitants.
They are surrounded by the power of the elements: water, earth, air and fire will help you with your quest.

The indigenous people need some help and will reward you for your kind assistance.

Enter Dreamfields now and play with the cosmic elements!  

The Bears Open the Winter Fair This Week in Dreamfields!  

The whole dream is now covered in snow and the flying lanterns look even more magical in this winter setting...

To add yet more excitement to the season while still keeping things relaxed, the bears are putting together a ferris wheel. Hop on and admire the breathtaking view!

Enter Dreamfields now and continue to feel the winter magic! 

The Bears Receive a Visit This Week in Dreamfields! 

Guests from the Dream of Wonders were planning to have a tea party with us but got lost in a labyrinth, and now we have to go and find them...

Hurry to the magic labyrinth and begin the search for the lost residents of the Dream of Wonders. Go quickly, as you don’t have much time left to find everyone and lead them out of the labyrinth!

Come help the bears find their guest and enjoy the party! Enter Dreamfields now!  

Enter the Film Festival This Week in Dreamfields!  

We are preparing to go to a film festival!

This is the biggest event in the world of cinema! Meet Bear Monroe and Maplin, try to avoid the paparazzi and make your way to the final selection of the jury!

Enter Dreamfields now and have fun with the big cinema family!  

The Bears Celebrate Mexican Cuisine This Week in Dreamfields!

Come on in the kitchen, gather with the bears and prepare for the Mexican Cuisine Festival!

New decorations and incredible rewards await!

Log in to Dreamfields now and prepare food ahead of the Halloween celebrations!  

Bears Get Whimsical This Week in Dreamfields! 

In the newest adventures you will meet a capricious princess of the bears!
Help lift her mood and she will reward you greatly.
We hear that she really enjoys performance shows... Invite the jugglers and unicyclists to put on a great show!
Enjoy the new adventure in the next update of Dreamfields!  

The Forest Fairy Needs Your Help in Dreamfields! 

The Forest Fairy is being held captive by strange creatures!

You will have to complete the Sly cats' requests to rescue her: they are keeping the log hut where the Fairy is imprisoned hidden and are waiting for your help.

Let's find the Forest Fairy and rescue her - enter Dreamfields now!

Look at This +90% Summer Bonus!

Hooray! Summer is here! We have prepared a shiny +90% bonus available for a limited time only!

Ring the Bells This Week in Dreamfields!

This week, the bears want the sound of chimes to spread across all the Dreams!

Together with them, prepare all the required elements to build the most beautiful bell tower!