Raze 3

Earth is threatening again by aliens. Only the fearless and well-trained elite of warriors can overcome these threats. These warriors are back again in Raze 3. Are you fierce and courageous enough to take part of that battle to death? Yes! Then, click on ‘’Play’’, choose a name, a gameplay and on ‘’Start’’ to start.

More informations about Raze 3


Raze 3 is an action game. Your mission is to fight to death all aliens on the world. Have no mercy for them. The world survival depends on you. The controls of the game are a little bit complicated. But once you know about the basis, everything will be great and cool. For starting, you can either choose between the ‘’Human Campaign’’ and ‘’Quick Match’’.  Lots of action and shooting games are available for free and without download on Playhub.com.  


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How to play Raze 3


You’ll have to use your keyboard and mouse for playing. To walk and move, use the 4 arrows or WASD keys. Space bar is for jumping. Aim on your targets thanks to the mouse movement. Shoot on aliens by a left click from your mouse. The Q/E keys allow you to change weapons. To reload weapons, press R key.  For special skills, use F key. Feel free to share the game on social media networks.